Pascagoula Salvation Army Back In Running Order Thanks To Volunteers.

Army coordinators say their building on Nathan Hale Avenue had been giving them some problems lately.

For the last few weeks, they had some leaky roofs and were out of a telephone.

Coordinators say it took so long to repair these problems because money just was not there to pay for it.

The Salvation Army is an organization that feeds and shelters people when they are in need. Many volunteers have stepped up and helped the army when they had need's of their own.

"Take them out of the dryer and just take 'em and fold 'em," Nita Nelson mumbles as she folds a sheet.

Doing laundry is how Nita Nelson volunteers her time. "I just give a little bit of a helping hand," Nelson adds.

She says she loves helping out a place that helps her. "They are doing me a favor taking me in. I could be out on the street with no where to go. I know I'm welcome here. I just gotta keep it clean and keep it up because it's like my home," Nelson says.

Like many homes, it needs repairs.

"A few weeks ago, our phone system just stopped working and we didn't know why. We came out here and we saw up through here and through the ceiling and through the wall it had been leaking and this is where our old system used to be," Finance Director Kim Cundiff says.

Cundiff says an unexpected roof and phone repair like that cost the organization $15,000 dollars. Cundiff says the Pascagoula branch is low on money this year. Had it not been for many volunteers and a few loans, water would still be dripping. But fixing the phone and the roof wasn't the only thing on the to-do list.

Something else that needs to be done is painting the outside wall of the building. Salvation Army says they have the paint, but they have no one to use the brush.

No one, until now.

"I'm a good painter, I'm qualified to do it," Volunteer Arthur Long says.

Long says he's been doing a lot around the building lately. Just seeing the paint reminded him the outside needed a fresh coat.

Whether they are painting doors or waxing floors.

Cundiff says the volunteer's help keeps the salvation army helping them.

Salvation Army officials say they are low on money because they didn't get a $50-thousand dollar state grant they normally get.

They did say that personal donations to the Salvation Army are more than usual.