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Senatobia voters approve sale of liquor, beer

(WMC-TV) - One Mid-South city has gone wet as Senatobia, Miss. voters approved the sale of both liquor and beer.

Current laws kept alcohol out of Senatobia, until voters spoke up Tuesday.

People there said the addition of beer and liquor will bring jobs, but also problems.

Margaritas are not on the menu at Tony Gonzalez' Mexican Restaurant in Senatobia.

"I've had customers walk in and get up and leave because we don't serve alcohol, not knowing when they come to this town," said restaurant owner Tony Gonzalez.

But that's all about to change after the people of Senatobia spoke up on Tuesday.

Beth Glaser was one of several voters that said yes to alcohol sales in city limits.

The vote passed 3 to 1. She thinks it will help recruit new businesses and jobs to a town that's been trying to hit a growth spurt.

"If you look at the surrounding counties, they have so much moving in, and we've just kind of stayed at the same place," said Glasser.

You still won't find convenience stores shelves' stocked with beer, but the potential for the product has had some managers discussing adding an employee or two to handle the load.

"A little more restaurants, a little more job opportunities, things like that will come up," said resident Dale Walker.

But, even supporters know there will be some drawbacks.

"You gotta be aware of that college over there, so kids drinking maybe having more accidents may occur," said Walker.

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