Bon jour - 14th Street, Gulfport

The son of a French Artist is producing his own art in the culinary form. The South of France native is sharing his art with South Mississippians. Eric Barthelemy is the chef and owner of Bonjour in downtown Gulfport. Bathelemy moved to South Mississippi from France about three years ago.

"I'm from Marseilles. Marseilles is in the South of France and is the second biggest city in France," says Barthelemy.

At an early age, Barthelemy got the cooking bug.

"I remember when I was seven years old, I try to...I have a problem with my tomato wasn't red enough. Thing is, I've always been interested in cooking, (for) a long time. And I start my career when I was 14 years first job was a dishwasher," recalls Barthelemy.

Many years later he is sharing his passion with South Mississippians. His cuisine is not Creole French.

Barthelemy says, "This is really a country French cuisine, especially from La Provance, from the South of France."

The cuisine is not spicy, but still very flavorful with plenty of rich cheeses.

"In France, you have 271 types of cheese," Barthelemy says.

"I have a really nice pate plate and a real cheese plate it comes with a real French bread, a French Baguette," says Barthelemy.

For lunch, he has two to four daily specials. Try the homemade soups, salads and sandwiches. Dinner kicks it up a bit with filet, duck and fish.

Barthelemy says, "Dinner is a little bit more elaborate because we make each sauce for each meal."

Try to save room for his delicious pastries.

"I have a big crowd every time. It's great," says Barthelemy.

Bonjour is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner and is located on 14th street in downtown Gulfport. For hours or any other information call 228.575.9007.