Casino Row Members Strengthen Alliance

Casinos usually compete with one another, but three Biloxi casinos are strengthening an alliance they formed years ago.

In 1999, Casino Magic, the Grand and the Isle of Capri formed Casino Row.

But for the first time since Casino Row was formed, a new casino is coming to South Mississippi, the Hard Rock. And it is right next door to the Beau Rivage.

You may wonder what a fireworks display and a shuttle bus have in common.

Well, they're both being used to lure visitors to Biloxi's Casino Row, and that's just the beginning.

"The Grand, Casino Magic, and the Isle are very aggressive marketing, and we're thinking of different ways to market Casino Row," said Isle of Capri spokesman, Rich Westfall.

For instance, new website featuring Casino Row has just been launched.

"I think it's an important step because there's so much competition on the coast, and since we're all located here on the furthest tip on Point Cadet...the furthest points to the east in Biloxi. We can become a real strong destination," Westfall said.

Casino row leaders are hoping this new website will be as successful as one of the events highlighted on it, the summer fireworks display.

The show was launched three years ago to draw visitors to casino row.

Casino ad executives say it's worked well

"I think the fireworks display's been a great success in defining Casino Row," said Grand Advertising Executive, Theresa Vann.

Casino leaders say exposure is important, especially with a new casino entering the market.

"I think anytime a new player comes into the market, there will be new focus on the market, which I think will be great. But I think the casino row alliance is very strong. We've had a lot of time together," Vann said.

Casino row leaders say they're counting on their amenities and promotions, both old and new, to continue attracting people to the east side of town.

You can expect to see enhancements to the casino row website in the near future.

These upgrades will include a calendar of special events, special promotions for entertainment, and a link to each casino's individual website.