South Mississippians Rally Against Medicaid Changes

A group of South Mississippians are holding out hope the ongoing controversy surrounding Medicaid will be solved.

Reverend Richard Young was one of a handful of people who turned out for Saturday's rally against the the changes in the state's medicaid program.

Under new legislation, 65-thousand Mississippi medicaid patients will be dropped from the program September 15th.

Most of the people in attendance say they're still questioning exactly why the medicaid changes are necessary.

"We'll if it comes September and they cut it off... then I guess I'll just have to do without my medication. I haven't heard of a program offered to get on," said Medicaid recipient Claretha Evans.

"Though I didn't have a crowd here today, all I need is me and what's inside of me and that constitution that's laying over there and God on my side. I know I will win. I have no doubt in my mind that I will win," said Reverend Richard Young.

The changes were originally supposed to go into effect earlier this month, but Governor Haley Barbour pushed the date back to September 15th.

Governor Barbour has said in the past the Medicaid changes will save the state more than 100 million dollars.

Saturday's rally was originally suppose to start as a march from Martin Lurther King Boulevard to the Riverfront Recreational Center in Moss Point.

However, Reverend Young says Moss Point Police Department told him they couldn't march because there weren't enough officers on duty to patrol.

We tried to contact the Moss Point Police Department for comment, but officers we spoke with said they could not comment.