Coast Fans Support Saints

We're into the second round of the playoffs, and that team we love so much is still around. As a matter of fact, they are the big news from the Crescent City all the way across the coast where their fan base is alive and well. Hokie Gajan played in the NFL for the Saints and he sees the teams fans are also here in South Mississippi. "It's the closest professional franchise around, so the people on the Gulf Coast are big time Saints fans."

Michael Batia is a member of a Saints fan club on the coast and says they are a loved team here. "The Saints are not just in New Orleans we feel like they're our team too."

It's a given that each weekend sports bars across South Mississippi will be filled with Saints fans, and that's why it's become a regular stop for Saints talk shows, including WWL's Buddy Diliberto and Hokie Gajan. I mean after all, we've been through thick and thin with this team too, so a second round playoff game is a payoff that's been in the making for a long time.

Michael Batia says, "Now that the Saints are doing really good this year, everybody is jumping on the band wagon."

Buddy Diliberto hosts a Saints talk-show and since he's been coming to the coast he's seen the Saints spirit here. "I can see there's a lot of rabid Saints fans here and I think the Gulf Coast is one of the great untapped areas as far as fan support is concerned."

Hokie Gajan used to run out of the backfield for the Saints, and he knows that this area provides the team a large base of fans that the players surely appreciate. Gajan says, "I knew these people over here were fans, but I just didn't know just how adamant they really were, and I've seen it here."

Diliberto says, "I think the people who are now running the Saints organization recognize the fan base on the coast and are going after it."