E.Coli Not Present In Vancleave Subdivision

So far, none of the 95 water test conducted by the Health Department have found E.Coli in the Big Hills subdivision.

"Right now, we have not found any positive samples for 0157:H7, which is the dangerous E.Coli out there," Health Department Director Dr. Robert Travnicek says.

Area residents became concerned last week when one of the water test came back positive for another kind of contamination, Coliforms.

"One of those was positive for coliform bacteria," Dr. Travnicek says.  "Those are a bowel type bacteria and represent a contamination of the well."

The Health Department is working with the owners of the contaminated well and believe this problem can be corrected. But a long term solution to water contamination in Big Hills won't be as easy.

Dr. Travnicek says its just a matter of time before most of the septic systems begin to leak into the ground water supply in the area.

"It's basically in a wetland," he says.  "A huge amount of it is in a wetland, and we have already had a huge amount of complaints about septic systems, many of which were designed in error. We are getting calls all the time and we intend to do every citizen who wants it and maybe do the entire subdivision."

Although current tests show no signs of E.Coli contamination, Dr. Travnicek says it's a very real possibility such contamination could turn up in the future.  That's why the Health Department is encouraging residents to have their water tested periodically.