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Gautier high senior running for city council


Every four years, voters in South Mississippi go to the polls to elect members of city councils. Nothing too unusual about that. In Gautier though, there is something unusual about this year's election. One of the candidates is still in high school.

It's a typically busy morning at Gautier High School. Eighteen-year-old Zackary Redmond does a little campaigning before class.

He running for a spot on the city council.

"I've grown up in Gautier my entire life. I've been here all 18 years I've been on earth and I love my city and I want to see it grow," Redmond said. 

His appetite for politics started at an early age.

"It first started after Hurricane Katrina when former President George W. Bush came and toured the coast and I actually got to shake hands with him when he was here. I was in the 5th grade at the time and just since then it has sparked my interest in politics," Redmond explained. 

School officials are supportive. 

"I've never heard of a senior in high school being in an election before so I think the buzz will grow pretty quickly and it will be interesting to see the attention that Zack gets and how his classmates respond," Principal Boyd West said.

While some of the voters may feel that a candidacy by an 18-year-old high school student is a bit on the quirky side, Redmond doesn't feel that way at all. He's very serious about winning and doing good for his city.

Meanwhile, his fellow students back him as well. Sydney Gibson is one of them.  

"He talks about this everyday. He has a fire that I haven't ever seen in him before in this position and I just think he's ready for it," Gibson said. 

Redmond agreed. He is ready.

"I really want to do what I can for this city. This is not a joke. This is not just me trying to have fun and get on the news. I really want to do something for the city," Redmond said.  

And with the backing on an entire school, he may just get that chance.  

Zackary is running on the Libertarian party ticket for the Ward Four spot on the council. The city election is set for Tuesday, June 4. 

Even if elected, he still plans on going to the University of South Alabama for a degree in history and political science.

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