More Jailers Needed To Meet Federal Standards

Ten new corrections officers have been hired at the Harrison County jail in the past month. Since then five have already quit. That's one reason the jail is having a hard time meeting new federal standards.

Under the guidelines, one corrections officer is required for every five prisoners. Harrison county needs 38 more jailers to meet the requirement.

Nationally the turnover rate is about 40 %, but in Harrison county it's less than 20 %. Sheriff George Payne says that's still too high.

Sheriff Payne says the job comes with competitive benefits, state retirement, medical, vacation, paid holidays and competitive salaries. Annual salaries start at $21,000, after just six months it goes up more than $1,000. After the probation period and training are complete, the officers make more than $23,000 a year.

If you're interested in a job at the jail, call 228-865-7066 or click here for the Harrison County Sheriff's website.