New Krewe Preparing To Roll For Mardi Gras

There's a new krewe in Biloxi. The Krewe of Nautilus will take to the streets of Biloxi this upcoming Mardi Gras season.

Krewe organizers hosted a membership drive party Wednesday afternoon, for people to see how the krewe plans to "let the good times roll".

Pam Cobb could not wait to find out more about a krewe she believes has her name written all over it.

"After many attempts of not being able to get into the New Orleans krewes, I was like okay. I am so there. I was so excited that we actually have something huge here on the Gulf Coast. It's about time," said Cobb.

And it is this type of enthusiasm that is drawing quite a few people to check out the new K rewe of Nautilus - a krewe that is already guaranteeing Biloxi's largest and most spectacular Mardi Gras parade.

"It'll be a New Orleans style parade. It'll be a super krewe, so all our floats are gonna be 50 feet long , medium length. We'll have multi-section floats that will exceed over 150 feet in length," said krewe co-organizer Rob Frater.

And on February 5th, the parade will roll where none have rolled before.

It will begin at Edgewater Mall and head west on C.T. Switzer, turn south on Debuys and roll to Highway 90, ending at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum.

"After the parade, we're gonna have a party afterwards at the Gulf Coast Coliseum. The convention center. And we'll start with mini floats that will go through. We'll have twelve of those and they range anywhere from 10 to 20 feet in length. And then afterwards we'll have three or four bands that will entertain all the guests," said Frater.

Frater says he wants to bring extravagance to the Coast, perhaps even better than New Orleans.

And Pam Cobb will be one person to help the krewe reach its dream.

"I cannot wait for Mardi Gras. 202 days to go until Fat Tuesday," said Cobb.