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Pro-life supporters return from March for Life rally in D.C.


About 265 pro-life supporters from South Mississippi returned Sunday afternoon from our nation's capital, where they participated in one of the largest anti-abortion rallies yet. We first told you about the group, when they were packing up to leave Wednesday.

"It was really amazing. It was awesome," said 15-year-old Peyton Tiblier.

Catholic students who participated in this year's pro-life rally in Washington D.C. agree, it was well worth the trip. And for many, it wasn't their first time at the rally. This was Nick Chapman's third march.

"I think we had almost half a million people show up at the march this year. It was fantastic," said Chapman.

Chris Daley said, "My favorite part was just walking and seeing the thousands of people marching for the same thing--to stop abortions in the United States."

Tiblier said she is part of the pro-life generation, especially after seeing images at the rally that depict what she says is a very ugly truth.

"They have these pictures at one point where they show these pictures of these babies, and it's horrible," said Tiblier. "Really, look at the pictures and see what they do to these babies in abortions. Because it's awful."

The teens documented their trip on Facebook and Twitter showing what the convention looked like through their eyes.

Once home, parents were happy to see them return, with a very valuable life experience under their belt.

Margaret Chapman's son, Nick, was among the group who returned. She said, "He's definitely more centered. He's more aware of people, life, what his responsibilities are. His faith is so much stronger, he's renewed, and I think overall more giving and loving to other people in helping out."

As for the fight to end abortion, some 40 years after the Roe v. Wade decision, the teens feel they definitely made a difference by adding to the record crowds in D.C.

"I definitely think that where one or two, or three gather, Jesus is there. Just as it says in the bible. And half a million is definitely a statement."

The Catholic Diocese of Biloxi helps organize this trip every year.

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