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"Didn't I tell you I was going to kill you?"

Bertha Mae Wilson (Photo source: Office of the District Attorney) Bertha Mae Wilson (Photo source: Office of the District Attorney)

A Gulfport woman, who prosecutors say stabbed her naked, unarmed boyfriend to death in 2011, was found guilty of murder Friday. After three days of testimony, it only took the jury about 30 minutes to decide Bertha Mae Wilson's fate.

Investigators said Wilson stabbed Marcus Spencer in the neck, severing both his carotid artery and jugular vein. They said Spencer was naked in Wilson's bed at William Bell Apartments when she attacked him. After being stabbed, he ran from the apartment, leaving a trail of blood behind him. Police said he collapsed under a nearby tree, where Wilson kicked him and stomped him in the face.

During trial, Assistant District Attorney Jason Josef elicited testimony from a neighbor that the defendant screamed profanities at Spencer as he lay outside on the ground, yelling such things as, "Die! Didn't I tell you I was going to kill you?"

In the moments after the crime, Wilson admitted killing Spencer to several neighbors and also to Lt. Anthony Stewart, who was the first responding officer from the Gulfport Police Department.

"I am extremely proud of the police investigation and the bravery exhibited by the one neighbor who testified at trial," said District Attorney Joel Smith. "Too often, eye witnesses refuse to testify or participate in the search for truth because they are afraid or because they worry about being labeled as a snitch. The bravery of the one neighbor in this case was integral to justice being served for the victim and his family."

During trial, the defendant took the witness stand and testified that she acted in self-defense after the victim pushed her and that she also acted in the heat of passion. She said she was enraged when she found out Spencer allegedly had consensual sex with a member of her family. However, the testimony of two witnesses provided evidence that Wilson knew about Spencer's alleged sexual encounter for several days and lured him into coming to the coast from Meridian on the night of the killing.

Dr. Paul McGarry also testified that Spencer had no defensive wounds on him, indicating a surprise attack.

During closing arguments, Assistant District Attorney Alison Baker told the jury "this Defendant does not want you to think about her actions and she wants you to forget that she attacked an unarmed man as he lay naked in her bed."

After the jury returned a guilty verdict for murder, Circuit Court Judge Lisa Dodson sentenced Wilson to the mandatory sentence of life in prison.

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