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"AMS" in Gulfport causing buzz in national music scene

A new million dollar investment in Gulfport is causing a buzz, not only for the economic growth in the area, but also in the music scene.

A first of its kind in South Mississippi, "AMS" Music Entertainment is much more than just a recording studio.

The homegrown group Rosco Bandana signed to the national "Hard Rock" label. Now touring the country, they could have gone anywhere, but chose "AMS" in Gulfport to record their new album "Feels Like Mississippi."

Alvin Mayes President of AMS Music Entertainment said, "We're in South Mississippi and the energy is just so exciting the fact that they recorded that record in our studio as the first live band it was just phenomenal!"

Artist Management Services or AMS president Alvin Mayes is a musician and businessman who created this unique facility in his hometown with a half million dollars in state of the art engineering equipment alone.

"We're running pro-2 H. D. which is the best which is the best, if you traveled to New York, Los Angeles or Miami you know you don't have to travel anymore because we have the high definition "Pro 2 system" which is I think is a one of a kind in Gulfport."

But this is so much more than just a modern recording studio.

Mayes said, "It's actually artist management services from the recording studio to administration from publishing to royalties."

The song "B-Boy Ball" by 19-year-old Gulfport rapper "B Boy" will be in Arnold Schwarzenegger's next film "Ten".

B-Boy said, "When I was able to get the chance you know to shine, Mr. Alvin Mayes was able to bless me with a record deal and it's changed my life a lot a lot, cause I've been to more places than I ever thought I'd be just in the last couple of months. Everywhere Miami, New York, Florida tons of times Atlanta, we're going to the All Star weekend, it's crazy, Alvin Mayes don't play."

Mayes can also make merchandise in house to maximize their artists' profits due to a large rehearsal hall for them to practice for a live audience. AMS is definitely creating a buzz in the Mississippi music scene.

Mayes is proud the shine the spotlight on the immense talent in the Magnolia state and with a big proud smile he said, "The fact that the new car tags say birthplace of America's music and the album titled "Feels Like Mississippi" and AMS is part of all that with Rosco Bandana it was like, sometimes the stars just line up."

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