Waveland Pier Has Something For Everyone

As the Waveland Municipal Pier complex continues to grow so does its popularity. The city recently completed the fourth phase of an upgrade project. WLOX NEWS found out what's now making the pier so appealing.

Ten year old Dilan Smith is trying to catch the big one off of the end of the Waveland Municipal Pier. The 12-hundred foot long pier was recently extended by 200 feet. "How long it is, it gets you closer to the bigger fish." Said the young fisherman. Dilan is from Picayune but his family frequently vacations in Waveland . His Grandfather Richard Smith says he doesn't worry about Dilan when he fishes off of the pier. "The main thing about it is someone's out there to supervise him and I feel safer with this particular pier because someone is out there 24 hours a day." That someone is a pier ranger. This is the only pier on the Coast with paid pier monitors. Rangers make sure fishermen have a safe and enjoyable fishing experience as well as prevent trouble and vandalism.

"It's a family environment that we're trying to create. That's what this complex is all about." says Waveland Mayor Tommy Longo. City leaders have used a portion of 900-thousand dollars in Tidelands funds to add four new pavilions and a comfort station with shower facilities. Plus, the new bait shop built in the last phase now has electricity, but city leaders still have to decide whether the city will run it or contract it out. " We're looking at a number of different alternatives in what would be in the best interest to the citizens of Waveland both as taxpayers and also citizens using the pier and also our tourist." said Mayor Longo.

Die hard fishermen like Dilan Smith says once bait can be purchased on the pier he'll have no reason to ever leave. Future plans at the complex call for another 200 foot pier extension, more lighting and walkway access extensions.