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Jackson County holds public burial for bicentennial time capsule


Jackson County leaders buried a part of history Thursday. The county's bicentennial time capsule now sits underground in front of the old courthouse. Leaders hope this time capsule preserve the important memories for future generations.

"We are actually in mourning because we are burying our time capsule," Jackson County Public Information Officer Nicole Grundle said. 

Inside the stainless steel capsule is a snapshot of what happened in 2012, the year of Jackson County's 200th birthday. 

"We began collecting at the beginning of the year, and we have been collecting all year long," said Bicentennial Committee Chairmen George Sholl said. 

"We had some commemorative coins from the 200th year anniversary, as well as Hurricane Isaac and Gustav, binders and details of various bicentennial events, and school and sports memorable," a committee member said. 

Money was also added to this treasure trove. 

"We have rolls of pennies in too that are dated 2012, so it is pretty heavy," said Grundel. 

"We requested that they distribute those pennies when they open it up," said Sholl. 

 That won't be anytime soon. Jackson County leaders who witnessed the burial of memories said the capsule will remain sealed until 2062, which is 50 years from today. 

"Hopefully, some of the things we started they will be reaping the benefits off in 2062," Jackson County Board of Supervisors President Mike Mangum said. 

"We left a few messages for them why it was important and what is in the time capsule, so we think they will enjoy seeing a snapshot," said Sholl. 

The entire burial process will take two days. Friday, the county's maintenance crew will pour concrete and set the marble marker on the capsule. 

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