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Young pro-life supporters head to Washington D.C.


It's been 40 years since the U.S. Supreme Court decision on abortion. Wednesday night, many Mississippian pro-life supporters headed to Washington, DC to take part in an anti-abortion rally scheduled for Friday.

More than 50 high school students with the Catholic Diocese of Biloxi gathered at Nativity BVM to head out.

Filling the youth center, high school students anxiously awaited their trip to participate in the March for Life Anti-Abortion Rally.

For first time protesters like Gabrielle Aultman, it was all about getting a chance to witness.

"I didn't really know the meaning of Roe v. Wade, yet. But now that I've grown more in my Catholic faith and I get to go, I'm really excited about it," said Aultman.

"I'm hoping the kids will understand how to be a Catholic witness and Christian disciple for what they believe in," said Father Ryan McCoy.

Excitement and anxiety filled the room as they read scripture and joined together in prayer. Young siblings were sad they couldn't join.

"Because I really wanted to go to experience the stuff that they do there," said 12-year-old Chloe Cooper.

Up to three inches of snow is expected in Washington D.C. on Friday. Many couldn't ignore the possibility of cold temperatures.

"Yes we're very looking forward to that," said Gabrielle Aultman.

"I do not like snow," said Father Ryan.

As they loaded their bags and stepped onto a crowded bus, the mission of the trip fueled their fire.

"They are joined with the other Catholic brothers and sisters with one voice that speaks God's love," said Father Ryan.

"Maybe we can't make a big difference, but we might be able to change one person's mind, and one life is worth it," said Kayla Hawkins.

If you'd like to welcome the group home, they're expected to arrive back to Nativity BVM around noon on Sunday.

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