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Alabama man takes visitors to the holy land


Inside Mishkan Galleries in Theodore, Alabama you'll find a reproduction of the Ark of the Covenant. In another chamber, a model of King Solomon's palace. And in yet another area sits a representation of Noah's Ark.

"Several years ago I built the facility. It is the largest, most elaborate private collection in the world of biblical reproductions " said David Hamilton.

Hamilton is the architect of this special place that gives people a glimpse at some of the holiest sites in the history of man. He is not only a Biblical scholar, he's an artist. Hamilton constructs his re-creations with meticulous desire to be as authentic as possible.

Tours of Mishkan Gallery are by appointment only. David says his greatest joy is knowing he inspires visitors.

"That's what gives me satisfaction that they are enlightened by the visuals you see."

Outside of the gallery, Hamilton has developed what he calls Mishkan Gardens. It includes a towering monument to Judaism and the old testament. Hamilton says he imported plants and trees from the holy land.

"In the garden, I have the acacia tree. It's blooming right now. Then I have papyrus. That's what the basket was made of when Moses was put in the Nile River."

From a spectacular garden to hand built representations of biblical artifacts, Hamilton says Mishkan Galleries transports him from south Alabama to the holy land.

"I live in Theodore, Alabama but when I build these models, it takes me to another place in time."

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