Liability Insurance Now a Must

The insurance law went into effect at midnight Monday. It requires all drivers to have liability insurance. Police officers can only ask for proof of insurance after they stop you for another traffic violation.

We checked in with Gulfport Police Monday. They told us by early afternoon, they had written just one ticket to a driver with no insurance. But they say they took a lot of calls from people  wanting to know more about the new law. Joe Langenbacker of the Gulfport Police Department says "The main thing was questions like when did it go into effect, how much of a grace period is involved in this. Tthose are the type of questions we're getting and like I said when it came into effect last night at midnight, the grace period's over, it's supposed to be in effect today and like I said we're out checking vehicles and once again it's a secondary stop, as far as the vehicle, it has to be a secondary charge."

The fine for not having proof of insurance is up to one thousand dollars. However, if you can show you have insurance when you go to court, the fine can be reduced.