New Baby Is Number One...Literally

Megan is the new year's first baby. She was born at Keesler Medical Center. Her parents, Paul and Chandra Pappan, just got married in November and they say their little bundle of joy is a wonderful wedding present.

Chandra wasn't due to deliver until mid-January but she started having contractions off and on Christmas Day. The couple got to the hospital around ten last night and Chandra says little Megan gave them quite a scare. "When we first got here she was doing fine and then I had a couple of contractions that made her heart rate drop and they,  I wasn't really dilated very well so they decided to do a C-Section cause her heart rate kept dropping," Chandra says. New dad Paul says "I'm just happy that she's got all her fingers and toes and she's healthy because it's like Chandra said, we had a little scare and I didn't know how to take it but I'm extremely happy to have my little baby girl.

Chandra is in the navy, stationed at the Gulfport Seabee Base. Paul is a full-time student and works part-time as a guard in the Harrison County Jail. He says now he'll put "dad" and "babysitter" at the top of his job lists.