2000 Weather Review

The year 2000 is officially over. Now it's time to look back at the weather from the past year. The weather was a lot like the NASDAQ, some ups and a lot of downs.

On the up side - high temperatures. This summer was hot with 70 days when temperatures were 90 degrees or higher. 95 degree temperatures occurred on 19 different days and we reached 100 or more on 4 days. The hottest day of the year saw a temperature of 104 degrees. That tied a 50 year old record.

On the cool side, 2000 started out mild. At the end of the year we had 14 days with temperatures at or below 32 degrees. Eight of those days occurred in December. The coldest day was December 20, when the temperature dipped to 21 degrees.

Much like tech stocks this years rainfall was down at record levels. Out of 12 months, ten months experience below average rain totals. Only two months saw surpluses. November was by far the wettest month with almost a foot of rain. To further illustrate how dry it was - normally we experience measurable rainfall on 132 days. This year we saw only 90 days with rain.

Overall the tropics were busier than normal. However, the U.S. was spared as most hurricanes stayed off shore. The two storms that did hit the U.S. were in the Gulf of Mexico. They both made landfall in Florida.

Looking ahead to 2001, the weather pattern that caused hot dry weather, La Nina, is over. It looks like El Nino may be building. That could mean more rain in the future.

Mike Reader