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Gautier firefighters promote smoke detectors after weekend blaze


You might call them living examples of the power of smoke detectors. Three people survived a weekend fire that Gautier fire officials said could have been much worse. It's a mission for firefighters to get the devices into every home.

As Gautier fire officials look through the charred remains from this weekend's mobile home fire, they know all three renters who lived here are lucky to be alive.

"There was a working smoke detector inside and it woke the people up," Gautier Fire Chief Ray Frair said. 

"Two of them got out uninjured. The third one received burns because he tried to remove a chair out the trailer that was burning," Gautier Fire Marshal Charles Thornburg said. 

According to the fire department, there have been three fatal city fires in three years, including one at this mobile home park. Fire officials said that in all three of the homes, the owners either did not have working smoke detectors or the devices were just not present. 

To make sure everyone has a working system, Gautier is giving them away for free through a state-funded program. There are several types, including a ten year battery-powered alarm. 

"You never have to worry about replacing the battery until it starts chirping down the road," Frair said. 

There's also a device called the bed shaker.

"When the smoke detector activates this receiver it starts shaking for people who are hearing impaired," said Frair. 

Hopefully, these smoke detectors will increase safety and reduce the risk of any future fire fatalities.

If you need a smoke detector call the Gautier Fire Department at (228) 497-1656. 

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