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Wildlife care and rescue center readies Jackson County location

The Wildlife Care and Rescue Center is settling into its new location in Gautier. It will serve as an intake center in Jackson County, helping the group continue its mission.

"Jackson County worked with us, allowing us to put it here next to the animal shelter here on Audubon Lane. Since we moved out here we've been trying to get it opened up so that the citizens and the public can bring wild life to us when they find it," Director, Alison Sharpe said.

The plan is to help as many animals as possible, but before that can happen, some work needs to be done. The building, which once served as a police bureau, needs a few additions before the center can fully function in its intended purpose.  One of the projects on their "to do" list is building a new ramp to make the building handicap accessible.

There's a somewhat long road ahead, but thanks to supporters like Douglas Smith, with Zero Waste Solutions, a lot has already been accomplished.

"He let us know that he had quite a bit of Medical Supply that came out of a hospital and asked if we were interested in that. We went up and picked up a lot of stuff that we could certainly use here. Stuff that was going to be recycled into something else," Sharpe said.

The group had five acres of land in North Woolmarket prior to Katrina. Sharpe says it had been a struggle ever since the storm washed them out. The groups director is hoping the community will get involved. They need the extra support to provide what she calls a crucial service to this coastal area.

"Most people have a big heart for any kind of animal. I think when they get involved in helping an organization such as ours, you're giving something back to the environment. It just makes you feel good about what you do," Sharpe said.

The group hopes to be functioning sometime in April. If you'd like to help them their mission, you can contact them on their Facebook Page

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