E.Coli Scare Still Alive In Jackson County

From now on, when Delbert and Carrie Shields run water in their home, they will always have the fear of being contaminated with e-coli.

"We got a call from the Health Department, and we had a water sample taken from our well a couple of weeks back. And they wanted to let us know that it tested positive for e. coli," Carrie Shields says.

That phone call instantly changed the Shields lives. They were told not to drink the water, bathe in it, or even cook with it.

The Shields have a nine year old boy and are expecting another child, so they are extremely concerned about their family's health.

"I'm five months pregnant and that's my biggest concern is that there may be something wrong with our baby. Because I don't know how long e. coli has been in our water, how long we've been drinking it and using it," Carrie Shields says.  "I haven't felt the baby move really good, in about three days. And I don't know if it's stress or if it's related to that."

"Very scary, I mean e. coli can cause pregnancy to miscarry, so I don't want that to happen," Delbert Shields says.

The Sheilds have a couple of options to try and correct the water problem, but they feel the best thing to do is move away from the area.

"I just don't feel safe," Delbert says.  "Everybody wants us to get filters and redig the wells, but I want out."

Carrie Shields recently had a culture test performed to see if she had been contaminated with the e. coli bacteria.  She is currently awaiting those results.