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Public meeting brings new ideas to revitalizing Courthouse Road


The Gulfport City Council is anxious to get the revitalization project for Courthouse Road started, but they want your input before they make a final decision for the plans.

An effort to find some common ground on this much anticipated revitalization project had business owners on Courthouse Road thrilled to see the changes laid out.

"I think it will really enhance not only the aesthetics of courthouse road but it will enhance the business environment and it will bring more business to courthouse road," said Steve Nelson.

"So now I see the details and I'm pretty pleased with what I see," said Rhett Plauche.

Marlene Harding liked the idea of having sidewalks down one side of the busy road.

"We can walk all the way down there, the bikers would be better off. What's not to love about it?" said Harding.

Many chimed in with their thoughts for the plans. Trying to decide between three concepts, all with individual pros and cons, Gulfport Mayor George Schloegel said the importance of this road was highlighted through everyone's input.

"I think the people are safety conscious and I think they're interested in seeing major development on a major carter for our city," said Mayor Schloegel.

At the end of the meeting, Concept 2 stood above the rest. The amendments include: sidewalks on the east side of the road, 2 travel lanes, a median, traffic lights, and much more.

It's projected to cost $2.8 million and take 23 months to complete. It's the cheapest and quickest option and it had almost everyone on board.

Some business owners were frustrated that median and turn bays would cause problems for 18-wheelers making deliveries.

City council leaders say that concern was heard loud and clear and gave way to their consideration of starting a new concept, concept four.

As they studied the proposed changes, many were happy with the outcome of night, but anxious to get the wheels in motion.

"Very excited looking forward to it," said Nelson.

"This is great for our town," said Mayor Schloegel.

Everyone wrote down their opinions and what concept they liked the most.

Mayor Schloegel said all the opinions will be studied and a final decision will be made at Gulfport City council meeting on Tuesday.

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