Romainian Orphans Headed To Coast

Things are really buzzing, especially at this time of year, at Penny Ladner's pet boarding and grooming business. For the last nine months Ladner has also been busy preparing to welcome her adopted daughters: two little girls she and her fiancee will name Haley and Hannah.

The children's mother gave them up to an orphanage in Romania.

"Financially she was unable to care for them so she put them up for adoption when they were 19 days old," Ladner says.  "Everything's fine; one of the girls does have a small cross eye which is correctible by our standards with glasses, but over there, there's no hope that she would ever see straight."

Ladner says medical help is one of many things she can give the girls that they will never get in their homeland.

"I feel like I can offer them a future, not just love and attention but I can offer them the education, parents, a home. They can know love from the puppy dogs and take a walk in the park with us cause they'll be in the orphanage until they're 13 years old.  After that they'll be released onto the streets because the orphanage won't accept them after 13 years of age."

Ladner's not sure when she's leaving to meet her new children. Her trip has already been delayed a couple of times, but as soon as the U.S. Embassy and immigration officials give the word, Ladner says she'll be on the next plane.

"Oh, I'm so excited, I can hardly stand it. I have their nursery done and all."