Highway 603 Is A Mess

It's a well know cliché, a first impression is a lasting one. That's why Hancock County leaders are upset about the current condition of Highway 603.  If a picture paints a thousand words we don't have to tell you it's unsightly. Grass that hasn't been cut in months, with litter trapped in the weeds.

Not exactly the picturesque sight County leaders want drivers to see but it hasn't gone unnoticed. "It looks like it's ready to be cut for hey for the cows." Said Bay St. Louis Resident Larry Johnson. Tourists John Diaz, agreed ,"The area to the Coast line looks way more prominent than it does this way back on 603." The grass and weeds are over 4 feet tall in most areas of the medians. Some of the weeds stand over 6 feet tall. District 4 Supervisor Steve Seymour told WLOX NEWS, "It makes the beautification part of Hancock County look terrible. I mean we've got popcorn trees in the ditches that's a year old 2 years old that haven't been cut .It's embarrassing to the County officials."

The State Department of Transportation is responsible for cutting Highway 603.. Seymour says County leaders have sent 4 letters to M-DOT this year asking them to cut their right of ways. "If we're cutting our roads why wouldn't the State cut their roads to make the whole county look good." The unsightly situation also concerns economic development leaders, the people who are responsible for bringing new business and jobs to the County. Economic Developer Hal Walters, told us, "Some of those areas are the first areas that prospects and company's see when they first come into the community naturally we're very concerned about how that looks."

Walters says whether you're community is well maintained and clean could mean the difference in landing a major company which has lots of jobs to offer. An M-DOT Spokesman told WLOX NEWS, they only have the equipment and man power to cut grass 3 times a year. He said Highway 603 was moved back in April and crews would be mowing the area again within the next couple of days.