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Falcon fans could bring big bucks to South Mississippi


Gulf Coast Cards and Sports Memorabilia is your one stop shop for all things sports related, but it's not hard to tell which way owner Matt Helms leans. Saints gear takes center stage at the store. But with black and gold being booted out of the Playoffs, our Atlanta rivals could play in the Superdome for Super Bowl 47.

Helms says though they'll be invading Saints Country, a flock of Falcons fans definitely has its perks.

"Falcons fans are pretty supportive. They've had some lean years like the Saints did," said Helm. "The die hard ones, they're legit and they definitely come out and support them and pick up Falcons merchandise."

Coast hotels and businesses have been preparing for the Super Bowl in New Orleans for almost a year. Tourism Director Beth Carriere hopes specialty pricing and room availability will attract fans who enjoy the chaos of the game, but the comfort of the coast.

"We have an agreement with the local housing bureau that is taking reservations for a two night minimum and offering motor coach free transportation to the Big Easy for the big game," Carriere said.

No matter who makes it into the Super Bowl, it's a win-win for the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

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