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WLOX Editorial: MS should not rush to change its education system

This state legislative session we are already hearing a lot about starting "Charter Schools" in Mississippi. Some individuals believe Charter Schools could take education in our state to the next level. Critics say they only work when students spend even longer hours in the classroom and parents support this more disciplined approach to education.

In South Mississippi we have some of the best, if not the best schools, in Mississippi. Many of our school children perform well above the state average and many perform up to national standards. That does not mean that South Mississippi school systems can't be improved. However we should not rush into changing a system that works for us.

A big question is how would charter schools be funded? With money always tight for public education, we would not want to see dollars that are now being spent on our local schools divided with another program.

Maybe the best approach would be to experiment with a couple of test charter schools in systems with under performing schools and see how they work.

While Charter Schools may be the answer in certain areas of the state, there are probably other programs like early childhood education that make more sense in improving education for the children of South Mississippi.

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David Vincent
WLOX-TV General Manager

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