Sheriff Blocks Drunk Driving

They're huddling up to go over the game plan, a plan that may ultimately save your life and many other lives this holiday weekend. Roadblocks and checkpoints will be set up all over Harrison County for the next three days to ensure that this is a safe driving weekend. Sheriff George Payne says, "Strict enforcement, watching what they drink, understanding that drunk drivers and speed kills is something that we're trying to enforce tonight."

Meanwhile Sergeant Robert Curry explains what the officers will look for at each checkpoint. "We're just checking for driver's license make sure people are driving with adequate driver's license, we're checking for people under the influence, child restraint devices are properly installed, main focus is for safety."

DUI Enforcement is a key reason behind the roadblocks. Keeping the number of drunk drivers who get behind the wheel this weekend to a minimum is the goal much like it has been all year for Sheriff Payne and his officers. Payne says, "We've increased our DUI enforcement over 400 per cent this year and the ones that violate the law, that drink too much, that endanger all our lives are in trouble and we're going to enforce those laws."

The first roadblock wasn't up 10 minutes before drivers started getting pulled over for a number of violations, violations that won't be tolerated because human lives are at stake here. Payne says, "We're well below 50 per cent on our fatalities so far this year; I don't want another parent to get another phone call for the next three nights till this year ends that they've lost somebody."

Sergeant Curry says, "Through strict traffic enforcement, you save lives, it's proven and our stats have definitely backed it." So far this year, there have been only 8 fatalities in Harrison County compared to 22 on county roads last year.