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Data devices create a more efficient D'Iberville police department


Chief Wayne Payne with D'Iberville Police Department remembered a time when manually writing tickets was the lay of the land.

"You'd have to come in and here. You'd write the tickets. You'd have to send them over to court," said Chief Payne.

Now, that process is a thing of the past thanks to their new data device readers implemented a few months ago.

"The driver will give him his driver's license. He will also scan the code on the door of the vehicle," Chief Payne.

Chief Payne said writing a simple speeding ticket could often tie up an officer up for 20 minutes, but now it takes around two minutes.

Heading out with Lieutenant Tim Hendricks, it was put to the test.

Within minutes, he saw a driver not wearing his seat belt. He stopped him.

He got his insurance information and license. Scanned it. Printed the citation. Issued the citation and he was back on the road.

It took him two minutes and 20 seconds to go through the entire process.

That's the kind of efficiency Chief Payne says D'Iberville Police Department strives to attain.

"Our main goal is to protect our citizens and this gets our guys on the road quicker," said Chief Payne.

Chief Payne says this device creates a database and cuts down on duplication.

"All the info that is on the system downloads to our records management system and also to court." said Chief Payne.

They not only utilize them on the road.

"We also utilize it on our property evidence trim for bar codes," said Chief Payne.

But, getting these was not an easy process.

Eight devices cost $35,000.

The department had to get it approved with the city manager, the mayor, and city council. Since that day, they haven't looked back.

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