Newsletter Announces Black Spring Break Is Returning

For months, people have been posting messages at the Black Beach Week website, saying they wanted the event to return to Biloxi. And from the looks of the latest newsletter, it looks as though a lot of people's wishes have come true.

Right now, no events have been booked for the event. Will that keep spring breakers from returning to Biloxi?

"You had planned events last time and nobody went to the events," Biloxi Mayor A.J. Holloway says.  "They stayed in their cars and cruised."

Rep. Frances Fredericks agrees.  "There are young people, and they will probably come without planned events."

That's why coast leaders have been meeting for the past several months, to try to come up with a plan if Black Spring Break should return.

City leaders say the biggest problem that must be addressed is traffic.

"We're working on transportation problems right now," Mayor Holloway says.  "What we're going to do, where we can route them.

Traffic experts have proposed making the eastbound lanes of Highway 90 cruising lanes from the Gulfport VA to Beauvoir for students on spring break.  Everyone else could use the westbound lanes to travel across the coast.

Mayor Holloway also says there needs to be more law enforcement officers on duty to control the traffic.

"The National Guard is a consideration to be considered, " Mayor Holloway says.  "When I say  the National Guard, I'm not talking about in riot gear. I'm talking about traffic control."

Holloway says the city needs to do three other things, educate Spring Breakers about coast laws, provide adequate manpower to enforce the laws, and then strictly enforce them.

Rep. Frances Fredericks says coast leaders need to find a way to make Black Spring Break work for everybody.

"I would hate to think that we are going to try to be selective of the people we welcome to the state of Mississippi," Rep. Fredericks says.  "I might not like some of the things that have happened in the past, but I think that's what preparations are all about."

Most coast leaders admit that the 2000 Black Spring Break caught them off guard.  That's why they say they are putting so much planning if the event does return.

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