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Danny Guice looking to repair the DMR image


Danny Guice was hired as deputy director at the Department of Marine Resources two months ago. Now he's in charge of repairing the image of an agency tainted by scandal.  

"There's no questions that things were done that probably could have been done and handled better or handled differently," Guice said. "Would I have done some of these things? Absolutely not." 

Dr. Bill Walker was suspended without pay last month by the commission that oversees the agency. Guice understands that action.  

"I think they were being cautious, and who can blame them for being cautious? Everyone would like to see this investigation come to an end," Guice explained.  

While the investigation is continuing, in fact, two new subpoenas have been issued in this case by the federal and state investigators.

"Just yesterday, I sent an e-mail to every employee of the DMR instructing them to cooperate fully with any agency that's currently investigating the DMR," Guice said.  "I told them to answer their questions honestly and do everything they can to help with this investigation." 

Guice is intent on correcting problems, but only to a certain point. 

"We don't want to make any changes on things that are working well. Those things that need tweaking, we're looking at those things and we'll make adjustments as needed," Guice said.

He also wants the job on a permanent basis, despite no background in marine sciences. 

"What this jobs needs is an administrator, someone with common sense, someone that knows how to work with the legislature, someone who knows state government," Guice explained. "Whether or not you have a science background, I personally think that's irrelevant." 

What's not irrelevant is leading an agency back to the respect that it once held. 

The investigation into the DMR could be wrapped by the end of next month.

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