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Attorney General okays second drug task force for Jackson County


Pascagoula, Moss Point and Gautier now have their own narcotics squad. The attorney general recently approved the creation of the Southeast Mississippi Metropolitan Enforcement Team. The "MET" team is ready to stop the growing drug problem in the three cities. 

This new drug enforcement team said it was eager to get up and running. Moss Point, Gautier and Pascagoula ended a long relationship last summer with the Narcotics Task Force of Jackson County following a controversial shooting incident. 

"Everything is on the table; there are no secrets in any department and it's definitely a team effort," said Gautier Police Chief Dante Elbin said.   

Since the MET team got the green light from Attorney General Jim Hood, the drug agents have been busy disrupting and dismantling illegal operations. 

"The task force did an operation yesterday, a successful operation, where we made several arrests, seized drugs, and some cash," said Moss Point Police Chief Keith Davis.

The new narcotics team members said although they are not a part of the Narcotics Task Force of Jackson County anymore, they are still willing to work together with that team to sweep drugs and crime off the streets.

"Absolutely, we are willing to work with the Jackson County narcotics enforcement team," Davis said. "Just the other day, if you remember, there was a cultivation case out in the county. That information was received from the MET team. We received a tip and referred that information the Jackson County Sheriff's Department. As you can tell, it was a very successful operation the county was able to uncover." 

The chiefs said as the enforcement team grows, they hope to finally get rid of illegal drugs and crime plaguing the three cities, which won't be easy. 

"We still have crack, meth, marijuana. Spice is also very popular," said Matt Chapman, Deputy Chief of the Pascagoula Police Department.  "We are just going keep the task force out there following up on old and new leads and working with the community."  

Each city has committed money from its drug forfeiture account to help with operational costs. Moss Point recently approved $10,000 to go toward the new drug enforcement team. 

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