Plans To Improve Trent Lott International Airport Will Soon Take Flight

Big plans are in the works for the Trent Lott International Airport. Airport Officials say they are going to make improvements to the airport in an effort to increase the amount of business the airport does and possibly attract new industries to the area.

"Industry's not going to move in here unless they have an airport to take land and take off in," said Clint Matthews with the Jackson County Airport Authority.

Last year alone more 30 thousand planes and jets took off and made landings at Trent Lott International Airport.

Airport Director Carol Snapp says that number should increase dramatically once the improvements are completed.

One of the first projects scheduled is to upgrade the airport's runway.

"Our runway will hold 60 thousand pounds for each gear on aircraft and after the rehabilitation it'll be able to handle a hundred thousand," says Snapp.

Upgrading the runway will allow the airport to handle bigger planes.

The second improvement calls for the construction of a traffic control tower at the South end of the runway.

That will allow the facility to handle more planes.

"We expect a one third to a one quarter increase in landings and take offs once we get the tower built," said Matthews.

"The airport, itself, is the door that opens up to Jackson County and with all the economic development we have going on here it's going to be very significant to the county," says Snapp.

Snapp says the improvements should be completed by next year