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Jackson Co. supervisors deny developer's request to build


A plan to build brand new homes in a new St. Martin Subdivision and increase tax revenue has been denied.

Monday, Jackson County Supervisors reversed the planning commission's decision to allow Old Fort Bayou LLC. to build 74 homes in this Sanctuary Subdivision.

"It would be a great addition, with the exception there is no other way out," Supervisor John McKay said.

According to McKay, the planning commission had approved the project with the stipulation that the developer and engineer would have to create a second entrance into the subdivision. McKay said time ran out. 

"The second problem is that the entrance floods in heavy rains such as Isaac and other things, so we have to solve those problems. The board felt like it was best to deny an additional phase until we can resolve some of the problems." 

"I think they made a good decision for the welfare of our neighborhood," Thomas Fairfield said. 

Residents Thomas Fairfield and Nancy Webster said there are already two phases to the subdivision, so adding even more homes would mean more traffic headaches. 

"It just more dangerous and in an emergency it is more of a hazard. It is just doesn't make any sense," Webster said 

"A second road would really alleviate the problem and give people in the case of a storm or disaster an opportunity to get out," Fairfield said. 

Developer Richard Baudry told WLOX this project is nothing new. It has been a part of public record for at least 13 years. 

"We are disappointed, but we will go back to the drawing board and work with the county and find a solution to make this project a success for the county," said Baudry. 

"I hate to see he put this type money into this planning process," Supervisor McKay said. "I fault the county. As I said today, the developer should have been made well aware of this early on." 

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