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Bay St. Louis city computer server crashes


A computer glitch is causing some major problems for city operations in Bay St. Louis. The city's main computer server crashed last Wednesday. By Monday, only a handful of computers were working, severely limiting services to the public.

"Without getting too technical, there is an active directory in the server. There is probably a broken link in there somewhere, but we ended up with a blue screen. Everybody talks about the blue screen of death," said Bay St. Louis City Clerk David Kolf.

The server that crashed controlled computers in several departments: public works, building, utilities, administration and payroll. The problem hit the utilities department particularly hard.

"We can't look up anyone's account. We can't do any billing," said Utilities Supervisor Candee Breaux. "It's really put us behind in the month of January 2013."

For the public works department, work orders have been impacted. And in the building department, building permits and contractor licenses were put on hold.


"It's been a big inconvenience because we also take collections for the building department. That's permits. Them calculating the cost, it's really put a dent in everybody's departments," Breaux said.

"It's just one of those things where we're all depending on technology and when something fails, it can become a real inconvenience," Kolf said.

City leaders say the server was over 12 years old and they knew it would need replacing. They purchased a new one two months ago. Computer technicians began installing it over the weekend.

Late Monday afternoon, city leaders told WLOX News they have at least one computer in each department connected to the new server. Tuesday night they plan to shut the entire system down to bring all of the city's computers back up. By Wednesday morning, they say the system should be fully operational.

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