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Some Question Palazzo's Sandy relief bill

On Monday President Obama signed the $9.7 billion aid package for hurricane Sandy victims.

66 Republicans in the house voted against the measure including fourth District Mississippi Congressman Steven Palazzo. The vote raised a lot of eyebrows on the Coast.

That's because Mississippi received more then 24 billion dollars in aid after Katrina.

Biloxi City Councilman Bill Stallworth put it this way " It makes no sense to me. I know we have a lot of differences in opinion right now, but when it comes to something like this we need to get past party politics and look at the hurting that people are suffering on the East Coast. If anyone should understand that, our Congressman should."

Long Beach Mayor Billy Skellie commented on the money his city received from the fed "Where else in the world do you have the opportunity of a nation coming together to restore and survive. We needed it.

 Mayor Billy Skellie is thankful for every penny his city received in Katrina funding.

Long Beach and other Coastal cities were able to construct new municipal buildings and bring their cities back from the depths of disaster.

Sandy funding for the East Coast was caught in the middle of partisan Washington politics.

One concern is, could votes like the one cast by Palazzo hurt the Coast in the event of the next storm?

" I hope and pray it would not. When people are in need, their in need. I hope the people we send to Washington can do their job" said Skellie.

 Stallworth echoed that sentiment "We will get hit again and I don't want this area to be caught up in the stupid party politics in Washington."

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