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Biloxians preview Mardi Gras museum


As one holiday season ends, another is just beginning. Those holiday reds and Christmas tree greens have been traded out for the one of a kind colors of the carnival season.

That change in the atmosphere was evident as dozens of South Mississippians celebrated a very special development for the City of Biloxi.

"This is basically an awareness night for the museum. We want people to understand that we have rebuilt this property and it is now in the Magnolia hotel," Christmas at Beauvior Chair, Andi Oustalet said.

Initial plans for the Gulf Coast Mardi Gras Museum were put on hold following Hurricane Katrina. The new museum isn't expected to open until later this year, but this event served as a sneak peak for what's to come.

The Reigning Queen and King of the Gulf Coast Carnival Association, Christina Carter and Mark Mavar, helped with the celebration. They shared experiences they've had throughout their reign and led the crowd into another year of carnival on the coast.

"I hope that every King and Queen from here on out will have the same feeling and experiences as we have," Mavar said.

Once the lights adorning the museum were turned on, everyone had a chance to see the progress of the museum thus far. The crowd was also reminded that they can play a crucial part in making the museum something special. The museum is still in desperate need of items to add to its showing.

"Right now we're still gathering artifacts from Mardi Gras that were lost during Katrina. So many things were lost. This is to gain awareness for the Mississippi Gulf Coast that we have a Mardi Gras heritage and we have a museum. It's going to be bigger and better," Oustalet said.

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