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Healthy eating may be the key to being flu-free


If you haven't caught it yet, be careful. Doctors are calling this flu season the biggest in 10 to 20 years. It has some people counting their blessings.

"I've never had the flu. I don't know what a flu symptom looks like," said Alice Huffman.

Alice Huffman has never had a flu shot and she said being flu-free is more than good luck.

"The way that I eat, which is not good all the time, but 99 percent of the time and physical fitness too," said Huffman.

Eating natural, non-processed foods helps Huffman stay healthy. Mickey Banks is the owner of Health Nuts health food store in Gulfport.

It's a store filled with vitamins and organic substances. Banks said staying healthy is simple.

"Number one, food. Try to eat good quality food. Number two, rest. And, number three, exercise," said Banks.

If you do get sick, she has remedies.

"Things like vitamin C that everybody is familiar with for boosting your immune system. Also, there are products people might not be familiar with like olive leaf, which is amazing. It's anti-viral; anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. So sometimes this helps to boost your immune system," said Banks.

Banks said if you're feeling flu-like symptoms, herbal teas can help.

Also, juices can sooth your system.

She said it all starts with food and water.

"When you eat real healthy food it's nutritious to your body," said Banks.

Perhaps this goes back to the saying, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away." Whether or not you believe that proverb. The truth is, it can't hurt.

"My resolution for 2013 this year is to eat 365 apples," said Huffman.

So, as the flu epidemic is concern on many people's mind, Huffman and Banks said they feel confident they'll be flu-free.

They encourage others to explore a more natural lifestyle.

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