Waveland and Bay St. Louis Leaders Take Stock Of Progress

It seems like just yesterday that coast residents were ringing in the year 2000. Bay St. Louis and Waveland city leaders say a lot was accomplished this year, but with just a few days left in the millennium year, it's time to start looking to the new year and a new wish list for leaders in both cities.

At the top of Waveland Police Chief Jimmy Varnell's wish list for 2001 is putting video cameras in every patrol car. A state grant will put lap top computers in most Waveland police cars soon. But additional equipment is needed to maximize the computer's capabilities.

"If we could add this other software and modems to it, then they can run tags and drivers license information on the street," Varnell says.

Varnell would also like to see more involvement from the community in the up coming year.

"We have to depend on the citizens in the community to report things that are suspicious vehicles that are suspicious because that's where we get most of our arrests in home burglaries and business burglaries damaging city property damaging personal property."

Ward 1 Alderman Milton Bernard would like to see continued work on streets and drainage projects in Waveland as well as improvements with city utilities.

"I'd like to explore the possibility of reducing some of our utility rates," Bernard says.  I'm convinced it can be done we have the means, and I'm convinced it can be done."

Topping the 2001 wish list in Bay St. Louis is passing a historic preservation ordinance to protect historic homes and businesses in the city. City leaders also want to finalize a zoning ordinance for the newest annexed area of town which encompasses Casino Magic.

Ward 2 Councilman James Thriffiley, told WLOX NEWS " I'd love to see the Casino Magic project with the $30 million hotel and convention center completed in time for the 2002 sugar bowl and the 2002 super bowl which will be in New Orleans that particular year."

Ward 1 Councilman Doug Seal would like to see more city recreational opportunities for kids. He says he'd also like for Bay St. Louis residents to help one another in the up coming year.

"I'd like everyone in Bay St. Louis to become involved, help a friend help a neighbor that's a big thing just go out and help someone and ask nothing in return," Seal said.

City leaders say they plan to go to work right away to make their goals for 2001 reality.