Kids Take Swing At Golf For First Time

Palmer Proctor knows in the game of golf, you've got to keep your eye on the ball. As he watched one child miss a putt, he said "Oops! You've got to swing towards the flag there. You're swinging to far to the left buddy".

Proctor is the Seabee Base Golf Pro, hitting the links with 40 amateurs who've never gripped a club before.

"When they started, they were real quiet and intimidated and very nervous," Proctor said.

Proctor says those jitters quickly roll away once the kids hit their first ball. But the children admit it's not always easy.

"The hardest thing is putting. It's hard to putt," said 11 year old Karneilus Anderson

"Yeah, putting into the hole," 12-year old Arika Irby said.

In this game, the ball doesn't always go where it's supposed to go, but when it does, it's a magical moment.

"You feel great, because you finally made it in the hole," Karneilus said

"It makes you want to smile," 11 year old Lauren Ferrell said

"I love seeing the kids smile and give me five. They're going to come back, and I think they're going to stay with the game of golf," Proctor said.

This is the second year that the Gulfport Police Athletic League and the Seabee Base have hosted the free golf camp.

The next one starts July 26th. 40-children are enrolled in that session.

By the way, every child who participates gets to take home a set of golf clubs.