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Cab company offers free rides on New Year's Eve


Alcohol will be a big part of New Year's Eve for many people and that could lead to disaster. The Yellow Cab Company is sponsoring what they call the Safe Ride Home Program. 

Mike Fowler, General Manager of Yellow Cab said the company will offer rides home at no cost to help keep drunk drivers off the road, "It's our way of giving back to the community and making the roads of Harrison County safer. If this program saves one life, it's worth every dime we put into it."

Right now Yellow Cab provides the program in Harrison County only. They plan to expand it into more counties down the road.

Bars, restaurants and lounges sign up to participate. Nine have done so, one in Biloxi, eight in Gulfport.

Fowler explains how it works, "Once you've had drinks and feel you've had too much, any amount is too much you need a safe ride home. Walk up to the bartender and give him your keys. He'll put them in a sealed envelope with your name and address. They will call the dispatcher, send a cab and pick up the passenger and the envelope. We'll get them home and hand them the envelope and they can return and get their car the next day."

Yellow Cab drivers will be busy. If you are planning to drink and take advantage of the Safe Ride offer the company asks you to be patient, in the name of public safety.

"They may have to wait 45 minutes to an hour for a cab. We will be on the road in full force and we will get to them as quickly as we can" said Fowler.

Click here to view the participating establishments. 

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