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D'Iberville liquor store one of oldest in MS & still in business


For many South Mississippians to go shopping for supplies for their New Year's Eve celebrations includes a trip to the liquor store.  Not so long ago that wouldn't have been possible. While the federal government repealed prohibition in 1933, Mississippi did not follow suit in 1966. Soon after Oliver Diaz opened one of the state's first liquor stores and it's still in business.

For more than four decades, customers have gone to OD's Thrift Package store in D'Iberville to stock up for their New year's eve celebrations.

"Our biggest seller in the wine end would be the Moscata and the White Zinfandels," said Diaz. "Of course, champagne would be really good for New Year's Eve."

In the 60s when liquor sales became legal again in Mississippi, Diaz saw a business opportunity. He thought if people were willing to buy alcohol at lounges and restaurants surely they might also patronize a liquor store.

"It was actually a new start for us. Nobody had ever sold alcohol in the state," Diaz said. "I saw the opportunity to take advantage of it. I was the only one over here at that time. It just caught on and we've been here every since."

Diaz said, "In February we'll be in business for 45 years in the state of Mississippi. We're one of the oldest stores in the state and we're proud of that distinction."

The 45 years haven't all been smooth sailing thanks to Camille and Katrina.

Diaz said, "Two hurricanes. Last one completely lost everything. That was seven years ago. We had to start from scratch from the bottom up and we're back again. Strong as ever a Diaz says one day his nephew will follow in his footsteps.

"I'm the first generation. There's the second and he's ready to take over when I'm ready to leave which won't be long from now," said Diaz. "Our loyal customers and our friends. The people have really been good to us and have accepted us and patronized us. We really appreciate that. I mean it's a family owned business and we've been that way and we really love it."

Mississippi imposed a statewide alcohol ban in 1907 ahead of national prohibition. Also it was the last state in the union to end prohibition.

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