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LSU's Anthony Hickey to miss Friday's game


Head coach Johnny Jones says LSU sophomore guard Anthony Hickey will miss another game Friday night, when his Tigers host Houston Baptist at 7:00pm in the Maravich Assembly Center.

Jones specifically termed his decision as "discipline" not a suspension.

"Anthony (Hickey) has a lot of improvement to do in a lot of areas," said Jones. "Not only on the floor but off as well. He has a lot of growth. We have to try and continue helping him develop not just on the floor but off the floor as well. For him to be able to help us on a consistent basis, it can't be one-dimensional. It can't be just about basketball. You have to be good off the floor as well. Because of that he won't be with us (Friday) as well. We've played 10 games, and he's been suspended two or three of them, and disciplined in another. He's going to have to at some point grow up. It's up to us to try to help him."

Jones also said Johnny O'Bryant missed practice Wednesday with an injury suffered in the Marquette game, and announced signee John Odo will begin practicing with the team. Odo is not eligible to play until the start of the 2013-14 season, but can practice after coming in from junior college. Odo originally signed to play with Jones team at North Texas.

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