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Barber shop wants help to catch masked gunmen


At first they thought it was practical joke. Employees at a Gulfport barber shop said they're still in shock weeks after masked gunmen burst in the shop and demanded money. Now the owner of the shop on 28th Street is asking for the public's help to bring those responsible to justice.

Around 6pm December 7th, a customer walked out of Cut Doctors Beauty and Barber Shop. Employees said the customer then came back inside escorted by the end of a gun barrel.

"They actually brought the client outside the door back in with the gun in his back," said Barber Jermaine Jenkins. "They ordered us to lay down and hand them money, but I stood right here because I was stunned for a minute. I thought it was a joke or something at first. But this was no joke."

Employees said they laid on the floor as gunmen wearing hockey and ski masks and carrying pistols and shotguns began robbing the staff and the customers. Stylist Camela Fant remembers seeing a gun being pointed right at her.

"My customer by then was pulling money out of her pocket and they snatched it," said Fant. "Then I reached for my purse or wallet and they grabbed my wallet and my purse and ran out the door."

Employees said the children in the shop, some as young as five years old, were panicked and screaming.

"My concern was more for the children than anything. They can have the money. That wasn't nothing for me," Jenkins said. 

"I think they'll be affected for awhile," Fant said.

The shop's owner is hoping someone in the community will come forward.

Owner Carnell Travis said, "I think if they're still out, then chances are they have done it again or they will. So I ask if someone has information, they would contact the police department or Crimestoppers to prevent this from happening to anyone else."

"Because I am not the first and surely won't be the last if these guys are not locked up," said Travis.

Jermaine Jenkins said he prayed for the perpetrators.

"My prayer to them is that they change and want to make something of themselves instead of wanting to take other people's stuff. I don't have no bitterness at all," said Jenkins.

Employees describe the suspects as four black males who appeared to be in their teens. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Gulfport Police Department at (228) 868-5959.

There was another armed robbery at a beauty salon on Arkansas Avenue in Gulfport on Saturday. Police have arrested two suspects in that case.

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