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New Moss Point Police Department in the works


Outside the Moss Point Police Department, things look bad. Hopes have been dangling for years about a new building.

Inside it's just as bad. The roof leaks, wiring is exposed, hallways are cramped, and ceiling tiles are falling in. But soon, a new headquarters will double the size of the current building.

"Detectives will have a much better working place, more space for them," said Kevin Raymond, who is helping to oversee the project. "They'll have a conference room, as well, that they need so if they have a big case they're working on, they can lay out everything and get the boards."

The new building will also benefit citizens, as well as officers.  

"You want to give them some sense of pride coming into their police department," Police Chief Keith Davis said. "So that, coupled with the morale of the officers and having a facility that you can work out of is a very critical part of your law enforcement needs daily."  

One of the biggest advantages of the new building will be found in the dispatch area. Currently, dispatchers have to deal with the public in addition to their telephone duties. That will end, according to dispatcher Stephanie Roberts.  

"That's going to give us more time and energy to spend on our calls coming in and getting officers dispatched a lot faster to the calls that come in, more time to spend with the 911 system," Roberts explained. 

A bigger courtroom will also mean big changes. Toscha DuBose is the court clerk.  

"On court dates, our court docket is over 400 pages long. So we have people wrapped around this building and we have to take them in shifts," DuBose said. 

A new jail is also part of the plan. Construction on the new police department could begin as early as January 2013, and be complete in about 18 months. That would mean the building will be operational by the summer of 2014. 

The cost of the new headquarters is about $4.5 million.

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