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The sweetest Biloxi Christmas tradition


They're called pusharatas and the Slavonian Ladies Auxiliary club has been making them since 1984.

Every year, around Christmas time, the women work in overnight shifts to prepare the sweet pastries.

President of the club Georgia Menhennett said people pre-order the desserts, by the dozen, and every year the orders grow.

The women made 1,391 dozen pusharatas this year. That's not including the orders of 60 people on the waiting list that may not receive their batch.

At $7 a dozen, the fruity pastry is said to be well worth the price.

The women in the club said they can't imagine Christmas without pusharatas, and 1,391 dozen pusharatas lead many to believe that without the pastries' presence, Christmas in Biloxi wouldn't be the same.

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