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Pascagoula shopping village boost great holiday sales

PASCAGOULA, MS (WLOX) - Some Downtown Pascagoula store owners said aggressive marketing is paying off big this holiday season. Anchor Square opened in the summer of last year. Merchants said during that first Christmas, sales were painfully slow but this holiday season is a whole different story.

When merchants in Pascagoula's Anchor Square thought back on profits from the first holiday season the shopping village opened, they said there wasn't much to talk about.

Store Owner Renee Barton said, "Last Christmas people didn't have a clue that Anchor Square even existed and these 16 cottages were down here."

However, this year, owners said the customers are rolling in.

"It's been very very busy. Definitely busier than last year," said Lisa Catchot, business owner. "Compared to last year probably double the sales that we had last year.

"It's been awesome. We've been busy every day," Barton said. "I opened on Monday which I normally don't do and had a fantastic day. There hasn't been a dull moment. People have been out shopping every day. Nonstop till 6 o'clock at night. "

Merchants credit the increase in sales to great prices and improved confidence in the economy. Mostly they believe that Anchor Square is reaping the benefits of working hard to get the word out.

Catchot said, "I think the fact that more people know about our shops. We're starting to get people from all over the Coast that are coming here to shop. We have awesome prices and I think that's a big factor in what helps bring people here. "

"I do believe promotion is paying off yes and a lot of them didn't realize that these little cottages were here," said Barton. "I think the advertising has really paid off."

Some store owners say they plan to open Christmas Eve morning for all you procrastinators.

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