Busy Year For Roadwork

South Mississippi drivers know the frustrations that come with lengthy road projects.

Drive just about anywhere on the coast and you'll soon run into road work.

The year 2000 was another busy one for contractors. As traffic continues to increase, they're busy building new roads and making existing highways wider.

One of the biggest road construction projects along the coast is well underway along the Pascagoula river. Work crews are busy building a new high rise bridge. The project that was talked about for years is finally taking shape. The $47 million high rise won't be finished for another three years.

A few miles to the west, Jackson County drivers are watching work crews build a bigger and better bridge over the Singing River. The bridge, just east of Gautier, is being widened to six lanes and should be finished in the next year.

Interstate 10 seems to be a never ending maze of construction barrels. Like other major road improvements, the widening of I-10 to six lanes is being done in phases. The latest stretch of work, from the Biloxi River to the Jackson County line, should be finished by the fall of 2002.

Lorraine-Cowan is another project progressing in phases. It involves adding new lanes and building new bridges. The section between Reichold Road and Magnolia should be done by late next summer.

One of the busiest roads on the coast is now a much smoother ride. The repaving of Highway 90 through Gulfport and Biloxi wrapped up this year. Drivers were happy to see some relief from the potholes. Most folks were also glad the majority of construction work on the busy highway happened at night.