Gas Prices Fall Just In Time For New Year

Bob and Jeri Brown are on their way to Miami for the Orange Bowl. The Browns had no intention of stopping their RV in Gulfport until they saw a sign that advertised gas for $1.15 a gallon. From her passenger seat, Jeri Brown said, "It's the cheapest gasoline prices that we've seen."

Her husband Bob said, "When this thing holds 75 gallons and gets about seven miles to the gallon, why then, you know you watch the gasoline signs."

At four stations near Highway 49 and I 10, gas prices are down to their lowest levels since late June. As Tony Moaton pumped the low priced gas, he said, "This is why I stopped here. It's the only place I get gas mainly now."

The $1.15 pump price pleasantly surprised two Alabama men. In fact, J.L. Howard got out of his car and immediately asked, "How come the gas is so cheap in Mississippi and Alabama is higher, a lot higher?"

According to local gas station managers, the answer to Mr. Howard's question has something to do with supply and demand, and something to do with competition. People will go pump gas where prices are low.

Holly Allen remembers how hard it was to buy gas this summer. She said, "I hated paying $1.40, when it takes $40 to fill up." Christine Lawson is thrilled with the $1.15 pump price. "That's why I pulled in here," she said. "I want to get gas for the weekend." At a nearby pump, Bill Gall had the same thoughts. "When I passed by here, I noticed it was $1.15," he said. "So I wanted to fill up one more time before it goes up."

A AAA spokesman does expect gas prices to rise again. If they do, the Browns hope it's after they drive their motor home back to Oklahoma.

Again, triple A says that as of today, the average price for a gallon of gas in Mississippi is $1.40. A year ago at this time, it was just $1.27.

by Brad Kessie